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Company to research:


The purpose of the Fortune 500 Paper is to expose you, the student, to highly successful companies and to highlight topics in this course. You will learn that many topics in this class are being utilized by Fortune 500 companies.


? Must include in-text citations in MLA format

? 5 typed pages, double spaced (this does not include works cited page)

? Use at least 5 sources

? Discuss the 4 Functions of Management (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, controlling) based on what has been researched and learned about the company. **Be sure to address this item thoroughly and well (approx. 2 pages)

? Conclusion should be supported by your discussion and include your impression of the company.

Topics to research:

? Company?s history and evolution

? Corporate mission/vision statement

? CEO profile

? Do your own SWOT analysis of the company

? Industry, product lines, and products

? Relevant financial information (sales, revenue, etc.)

? Competition

? Corporate social responsibility

? Sustainable initiatives

? Interesting facts and recent activities