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Final Exam/Paper
CRJ205 Response to Terrorism Final Exam/Paper
Final Research Paper
Students will research a terrorist organization or terrorist attack of their choosing.
Students should be mindful of the Course Outcomes and try to apply these outcomes in such a way to demonstrate achievement throughout the Final Paper. The below questions should give you some direction with connecting to the Course Outcomes:
Comparing your selected terrorist organization/attack, what is the nature of terrorism and its many forms?
What policies and programs have been developed to reduce the risk of future attacks?
What policies and programs have been developed to respond to a terrorist attack?
As terrorism continues to evolve, what can you envision future policies or programs that will be used to reduce terrorism incidents and/or deradicalize groups?
What laws are used to combat/punish terrorists in the United States? How do other countries (pick one) respond to terrorism in their legal systems?
What is the difference between a terrorist and a guerrilla movement? Use specific groups to help answer this question.

Parameters for the Final Exam/Paper:
7-8 Pages in length. Cover and Reference Pages do not count in the page length
A minimum 6 sources
APA format in its complete style. Please make sure that you are following this element and that you are free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
As with APA, your paper should have 1-inch margins and 1.5 spacing in 11 font.
Your papers will be submitted online and the system will be using, a plagiarism checker. Your paper should have no more than 10-15% direct quotes. Points will be deducted for percentages over that value.