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I. Introduction

A. Name of selected program, subject matter of program evaluation, period of time the evaluation covered,

B. Importance and relevance of program evaluation

C. What type of evaluation–process, outcome etc.

II. Summary of Program Evaluation

A. What was the context and objectives of the evaluation

B. What was the methodology used?

1. Research Design

Classical Controlled Experiment (unlikely)

Quasi-Experimental ( Baseline/Post Outcomes, Pretest/Post Test, Comparison Groups,

2. Data Collection


Interviews with Managers/Principals of Programs

Mailout/Internet Survey of Clients

Mixed Methods

Review of Administrative Data, Secondary Data


Qualitative Techniques Used like Focus Groups

3. Statistical Analysis Employed

Descriptive Statistics



Discriminant Analysis/Principal Components

Where indices constructed

C. Main Results/Findings

III. Critique

A. Deconstruct and analyze the program evaluation

What is the logic model underneath the program evaluation.

B. Strengths and weaknesses of the program evaluation

C. Were the methods used appropriate and sound? Focus on research design, quantitative techniques used, whether internal-external validity seems to hold, are the results generalizable, if not what factors make them less generalizable. Is the raw data available so the other researchers can reproduce results.

D. Were results and conclusions substantiated and directly linked to and derived from the analysis

IV. Conclusion

A. Summary of Main Points in your Critique/Analytical Section

B. Is it likely or not likely that the program evaluation will or has been useful to practitioners, academics, policymakers

C. What further work
C. What further work/research needs to be done on the particular topic


Length: 10-12 page (Approximately 2500 -2600 words, including references)

Spacing: Double-spaced

Program Evaluation link:’_Perspectives

Font: Ariel 11 or Time Roman 11 point.

Please include APA formatted citation of the program evaluation selected.

Include a hyperlink to the program evaluation… ie. Accessed at ….URL of the document.

Please review for proper grammar and spelling prior to submission,