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Follow instructions on document! I need a quality improvement infographic. Quality Improvement Infographic
The purpose of this assignment is for the student to identify a topic within healthcare for quality improvement and develop an educational infographic (i.e. decrease medication administration errors, improve electronic medical record documentation, reduce hospital readmission, decrease patient falls, etc).? The audience is fellow nurses and nursing students.? Students may use online resources (,, Piktochart, etc.) for this assignment.? Attach a separate Word document for references in correct APA format.?
The infographic should include:
?Topic description with current statistics and at least 4 facts/concepts.
?Topic resources for additional information by inserting an appropriate URL.
?How nurses can improve the topic.
?A brief description of how informatics interacts with the topic.
Refer to the grading criteria and rubric for more information –> ??

If the student uses, you must create an account and complete the assignment in one sitting.? Here is a helpful video –>?