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Purpose and Directions: This 40-point written assignment will…

Purpose and Directions:   This 40-point written assignment will involve reflection of basic knowledge of healthcare finance, policy, and regulation with provided resources with a focused application to a given patient scenario.  The impact of sociocultural healthcare delivery and practice and the influence of legal, economic, and political factors will need to be addressed. The nursing role of healthcare advocacy for a client will need to be discussed.   paper will include 4 sections: 1) Patient Capsule; 2) Overview of Healthcare policy, finance, and regulation; 3) Application to the scenario; 4) Summary of how healthcare interventions could address disparities and the use of the client advocacy.


  1. Patient Capsule (5 points)
    • a summary of the significant patient assessments from the scenario provided (including health literacy),

Patient capsule will inform the reader of the client situation and nursing concerns for the provision of health care. The patient capsule will include, 

  • a summary of the healthcare goals appropriate for this client
  • identification of at least 2 areas where teaching might improve patient outcomes, health goals and health literacy


  1. Overview of healthcare policy, finance, and regulation (10 points)

The overview of healthcare policy, finance and regulation section will address a generic overview of how current healthcare policies, finance, and regulation are considered in any patient.  This will include definitions and examples from the local, state, and federal levels (such as, managed care, Medicare, Medicaid, Healthy People 2020, Affordable Care Act, private insurance, American Indian options, health care disparities?refer to the resources provided)


  1. Application of healthcare policy, finance, and regulation specifically to the scenario client (15 points)

Application involves a reflection of the chronic health conditions, sociocultural disparities and healthcare needs identified from the client capsule.  Explain the factors that will influence the patient’s health goals and how these could be addressed (such as referrals to local/bedside, state, and federal agencies, and teaching interventions).  This will be a combination of the patient needs with the resources identified in the overview section.


  1. Summary of how health care interventions could be completed to advocate for this client and remove disparities identified (10 points)

The summary section asks the student to define advocacy and reflect on how the nurse uses advocacy to benefit the patient (use resources and education, as well), specific to healthcare policy, finance and regulation and the best method of health care delivery for this patient.


Review the case study scenario below as you are caring for the patient in your clinical setting and synthesize how health care policies, finance and regulatory guidelines influence how you provide care and care delivery.  Identify and discuss the challenges this patient experiences in managing her chronic conditions.  Think about your role as a nurse and the challenges you may encounter as you deliver care.  Discuss how you could influence healthcare policies that can affect patients, families, within the health care system. Suggest a possible solution that you could propose at the local, state, and national level that would address this patient’s challenges in managing her chronic health conditions and healthcare disparities and needs.