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This outline topic will be “Flooding due to climate change in the U.S”. The Professor wants us to continue with our topics in different areas.

Below is an old outline prompt to guide you. I guess you already know how to do an outline.
White Paper Outline Prompt

Students will prepare an outline for the White Paper assignment. A succinct problem statement should precede your outline. Outlines will be assessed along three separate, but related, dimensions:
1.Structure and technical arrangement
3.Content and utility

Structure and Technical Arrangement
Outlines can be either sentence outlines or topic outlines, but should be consistent throughout; and, should follow the Formal Outline format illustrated and explained in the Aaron text, pp.20-22.

The organization and format of a white paper varies depending on its audience and the issue addressed. Students should assume that their audience includes public administrators and decision-makers as well as citizens affected by the issue. Decisions regarding organization and format should reflect the information needs of the audience and the components of a fully developed issue paper described in the White Paper Draft(s) Prompt, including:
a.An introduction to the issue and its background
b.A discussion of the issue?s importance and relevance to public administration in the 21st century,
c.A discussion of possible solutions or resolutions, and
d.A recommendation regarding a solution or resolution.

Content and Utility
It is important to remember that the purpose of an outline and its place in the writing process. Outlines should serve as a tool for the writer, prompting him or her to assess whether or not each section of the project supports the thesis and strengthens its claim. Thus, each topic and subdivision of the outline should provide structural and organizational continuity, as well as enough detail to be of use to the writer.

The White Paper assignment will account for 30% of your overall course grade. The Outline component will account for 20% of the assignment grade and should be submitted via the appropriate D2L dropbox by the designated due date.

A generic white paper outline is provided below. This is not the only organizational scheme that can be used; however, its framework does include the minimally necessary components for this assignment. It should be noted that additional subdivisions consisting of relevant details are required to ensure that the outline provides an appropriate level of content and utility.

I.Problem identification
A.Problem definition
B.Brief description of potential solutions
C.Brief explanation of recommended course of action
II.Relevance to 21st century public administration
A.Explanation of why this problem needs to be addressed
1.Relevance of problem to target population(s)
2.Discussion of why problem needs to be addressed
B.Explanation of relationship to public service values
III.Discussion of potential solutions and recommendation
A.Discussion of criteria by which potential solutions are evaluated
B.Alternative #1
C.Alternative #2
IV.Alternative #3/rRcommended solution
A.Detailed description of recommendation
1.Background and history
2.Explanation of what this alternative entails (relevant stakeholders, required implementation actions, etc.)
3.Benefits provided to relevant stakeholders
B.Strengths relative to identified weaknesses of other alternatives
1.Alternative #1
2.Alternative #2
A.Restate problem and importance
B.Restate recommended action
C.Summarize justification of recommended