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Overview: In Milestone One, you analyzed Nimble Storage?s mission statement after reading the Nimble Storage: Scaling Talent Strategy Amidst Hyper-Growth case study. For this milestone, you will compose an analysis of the cultural gaps that the company may need to fill in order to enhance its business practices.

In addition to composing this analysis, this milestone also requires you to continue populating the necessary rows of the PESTEL Analysis Worksheet. This worksheet will be used as a visual aid to help you understand the data necessary to determine the steps Nimble Storage will need to take in order to go global. Each time you populate this worksheet (this is the second time), you will work through the characteristics of different countries/regions. As you continue to fill out the PESTEL Analysis Worksheet to use as a visual aid, be sure to save the document after you submit it to your instructor, as you will be expected to apply the feedback you receive and build on your spreadsheet again in Milestone Three.

Note: In your final project, you will be asked to assess the cost of employee turnover. You have been provided with a Cost of Turnover Worksheet that can help you visualize the cost. As you complete this milestone, refer to this worksheet as a visual aid. You do not need to populate this worksheet at this time in the course, but it will be useful as you complete your final project.

Useful article: How Much Does Your Employee Turnover Cost?: This resource will give you useful information to assess how the value of your employee turnover cost.

Prompt: For this milestone, complete Parts 1 and 2 below:

Part 1: Worksheet Activity Using the PESTEL Analysis Worksheet, populate the third, fourth, and fifth rows: China, Japan, and Europe. Filling out these rows will help you visualize global values (such as each country?s cultural and political trends) and will assist you as you work toward the completion of your final project.

Part 2: Composition Write a 2-page paper that assesses Nimble Storage, using the PESTEL analysis and Hofstede?s four cultural dimensions as a guide.

Business Practice Analysis: In this part of the assessment, you will analyze the current business practices of the organization for how they operate globally. Then you will illustrate the potential benefits and challenges to the organization regarding its adoption of a more geocentric focus. Recommendations: In this part of the assessment, you will compile a series of recommendations for the leadership of the organization regarding how the organization can adopt a more geocentric focus with its business practices.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. PESTEL Analysis Worksheet a. Populate the third, fourth, and fifth rows (China, Japan, and Europe) as specified in the prompt.

II. Business Practice Analysis a. Determine gaps in the organization?s current practices within the global market that are relevant to the human resources team of the organization. b. Illustrate the potential gains for the organization regarding their business practices if they adopt a more geocentric focus. Be sure to support your response with examples. What will be the benefit for the business of the organization should they adopt a more global approach? c. Illustrate the potential gains for the organization regarding their employee collaboration if they adopt a more geocentric focus. Be sure to support your response with examples.

III. Recommendations a. Recommend strategies or activities that the organization could implement to improve interpersonal relationships between employees and across global boundaries. Be sure to support your response with a brief cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate the value of such activities to the organization.

Please answer questions in each section of the Excel PESTEL Worksheet. In the Composition, please explain each category separately with its title. In the Excel PESTEL worksheet please show how you got to that solution. Add references and a conclusion!