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The PDP is a formal, APA formatted paper that provides insights that you will need to succeed in your chosen position/profession. The PDP should contain or discuss the following leadership aspects:

– restate what your chosen position/profession is and why you selected this position/profession;

– summarize the key lessons you learned from your interviews. In your findings, discuss what you learned to succeed in the position/profession you plan to pursue;

– summarize the network strategy you will need to obtain the chosen position/profession;

– summarize the progression of positions or responsibility you will need to follow to achieve your ultimate position or position within your chosen profession. For example, to become a college president, you should first become a faculty member, then a department head, then dean or administrative vice president. Include SMART Goals in your discussion.

The overall length of the PDP is approximately eight pages of text; use proper APA format to include cover sheet, page numbers, and references.

The profession chosen is Sales Manager if you have any questions let me know, attached are the interviews