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(2) Problem – Describe, specifically, one OB-related (dealing with employee performance and/or organizational commitment) problem that the company is struggling with that will serve as the focus of the paper. Resist the urge to discuss multiple problems–focus on one specific issue with which the organization is struggling. Be sure to focus on a problem that can be impacted by the relevant topic.

(3) Concepts ?Describe very specifically what concepts, principles, and findings in the course matter to the problem. How can they can help to understand why it exists? How can they can be leveraged to provide a solution?

Yerz Car Inc. is a small Non- Emergency Medical Transport agency (NEMT) service provider located in the eastern part of the Bronx. The agency is involved in transporting people seeking medical attention to and from where they are expected to have their medical appointments. The transportation agency faces communication and a lack of shareholder participation in its day-to-day operations. The agency has four shareholders, but only one is actively involved in the daily affairs of the agency. The rest have no significant engagement in the day-to-day affairs of the business. As such, leaving three roles out of the agency’s four roles to be born single-handedly by the active shareholder. However, after feeling overwhelmed, the active shareholder decided to hire two unqualified workers to help him manage the other shareholders’ three roles, which might lead the agency to become bankrupt (Vu & Nwachukwu, 2021). Due to their poor services and lack of professional training.
The four roles of the shareholders include billing, dispatch, customer service, payroll, and CEO. The billing department ensures that the customers pay the transport agency. The dispatch department is involved in assigning duties to drivers. The payroll section ensures employees are paid. Whereas the CEO’s responsibilities are to oversee supervision and management of the agency. Lastly, customer service is tasked with responding to customer queries and inquiries. These roles are all professional and need to be assigned to competent and skilled personnel if they intend to record any success in the future (Vu & Nwachukwu, 2021). Otherwise, the agency would record a downward trend due to poor management.
Therefore, the shareholders need to take up their roles or decide on hiring competent personnel if they intend to continue seeing progress and productivity in the transport agency.
Business management and administration is a critical area that needs capable hands. Anything contrary could lead to low yields and business bankruptcy (Vu & Nwachukwu, 2021). It, therefore, is upon the leadership of Yerz Car Inc. to decide on the future of their business. Since the agency’s future seems blurry and uncertain.

(4) Recommendations –
Set everyone’s roles and responsibilities.
Set a goal that Yerz wants to reach. It can be anything
Make a plan on will Yerz accomplish those goals.
How will they prevent something like this from happening ?