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This is a persuasive speech and should be written about therapy. You the writer can chose to do a Claim of fact, Policy, or Value. The speech should be organized using a Problem-Solution, Comparative Advantage,or Monroe?s motivated sequence. I attached 2 files that will explain the presentation better, please go off the example outline and just replace it with your own topic that revolves around therapy in a postive matter. Please message me if you have any questions

A persuasive speech is written to persuade, or convince the listeners, of the validity of the speaker’s argument. This might involve persuading someone to change their opinion or at the very least take into account some elements that have not really been considered before. The speech is meant to appeal to the audience?s attitudes, beliefs, and values about the issue in question and to sway listeners to the speaker?s point of view. The main elements to writing a successful and effective persuasive speech are to convey your credibility as a speaker and your passion for the subject:
?Credibility – Establish credibility by demonstrating expertise, evidence and knowledge of the subject – presenting facts, statistics or quotes together with any personal experiences to make the audience believe in what you are saying
?Passion – Conveying the subject with enthusiasm, passion and conviction to appeal to the emotions of the audience
1. The speech is to be persuasive in nature. Documented reasons why the audience should accept your thesis.

2. Write a thesis statement- Claim of FACT, VALUE, or POLICY..

3. The speech should be organized using a Problem-Solution, Comparative Advantage, or Monroe?s motivated sequence. The organizational pattern must appear on the outline.

4. The speech should incorporate at least four (4) different types of supporting material. These must appear on the outline.

5. Material should be gathered from a minimum of five (5) researched sources.

6. All sources must be cited within the speech and appear on the outline.

7. Emphasize motivational appeals: compassion, fear, anger, pity, and self-esteem.

8. A complete sentence outline (typed) must be handed in.

9. A Bibliography of sources cited (typed in proper Bibliographic form) handed in.

10. Prepared visual aids are optional.

11. Length of the speech is 6-8 minutes.