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Brief Situation – What is it that your client needs to know more about and why?
Planning/Outcomes – These are your outcomes for the patient. *Remember – try to have outcomes that address the three domains of learning which are cognitive (learning), affective (feelings) and psychomotor (“doing”). Nurses should include each of these domains in patient teaching plans.
The cognitive domain includes intellectual skills such as thinking, knowing, and understanding. When the patient stores and recalls information, he is using the cognitive domain. For example, after attending classes on the low sodium diet a patient states how salt affects the blood pressure.
The affective domain includes feelings, emotions, interests, attitudes, and appreciations. An example would be a patient’s acceptance of having a colostomy and maintaining his self-esteem.
The psychomotordomain involves motor skills. An example would be a patient demonstrating clean technique when changing her dressing.
Content Outline – What exactly will you teach? This is where you talk about what the diagnosis is, what medications you might be focusing on and what you will share, Any specific follow up that might be needed, Any concerns to watch for, how they will know the treatment/medication is working, Any possible medication side effects? and how will they know it is NOT?
Implementation – Would you provide the patient with anything in particular? How will you teach? Handouts? Visuals? Written resources?
Evaluation – This is how you would evaluate the teaching that would be done. I am NOT expecting you to do the teaching – so just tell me how you would evaluate the teaching.