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Essay Topic: Nigeria’s Infant Morality Rate in the last decade or since 2000. (Up to you)


12pt font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double spaced.
5-6 pages
Your draft must be attached as a PDF or Microsoft Word file. If you submit a different file type that we are unable to open, you will have points removed for late submission.

Required components of the Draft:

Hook (1 paragraph)
Grab your reader by diving head first into the particular story, news event, policy decision, protest, etc that can “hook” your reader and make them curious to read your essay.

Introduction & thesis statement (1 paragraph)
Connect your “hook” story to the topic and the Human geography concept that you described in your proposal
Describe the main issue that your StoryMap will be exploring, and introduce the three “lenses” or concepts that you will be discussing.

Two to Three Sub-Sections with Header Titles
Each section has a strong topic statement at the beginning
Each sub-section should connect to “lenses” and concept from the class that helps to illuminate the story that you are focused on
Some examples: Biocultural diversity, traditional ecological knowledge, colonialism, imperialism, plantation, anthropocene, political ecology, political economy, racial capitalism, health disparities, environmental justice, racial wealth gap, state power, cold war development politics, proxy wars, structural adjustment policies, neoliberalism, austerity, Indigenous social movements, and more.
All sections must be well-cited and show original research as well as relevant course content

Return to your hook, and summarize how the research that you have presented can help the reader understand this issue in a more informed way

Works Cited
All citations in Chicago format or another consistent scholarly format
Minimum of 8 sources, including:
The course textbook
AT LEAST 2 peer-reviewed journal articles specific to your topic that you have identified outside of course materials
(Reference Materials)–>Course Textbook Link:
– In the textbook, the unit on wealth and development could be useful. The unit on health and population from this course would be useful as well if you want to focus on the impacts of pneumonia on the mortality rate.
Use the Google Scholar Website for 2 the peer-reviewed articles.

Attached, there is some research I already started on the topic (could use it as a starting point)