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Writing Assignment ? Mass Communication Broadcasting Essay

Using the Open Educational Resources, class lectures, and other course material as a guide to address the following.

You have been approached by representatives of the New York City Council to submit a Next Generation Television update for the community.

Prompt: After reading the article attached you are to write an essay in support of next-generation television and describe what a community may expect in the years to come referencing the transition from analog to digital television.

Remember that you will need to explain technical things in a way that is easily understood by a consumer. You might want to include answers to the following questions:

Why did we need to transition from analog to digital television?

How long did the transition from analog to digital television take?

Was there agreement between the major broadcasters about resolution and compression?

Was the simultaneous broadcast of both analog and digital television mandatory and for how long? Do you see the same happening for Next Generation television and for how long?

How were the differences between analog and digital announced and debated both between professionals and in the news? Do you see parallels today?

Should HDR formats like Dolby Vision, HDR-10, and HLG be concerns for consumers before purchasing a new television set?

How were consumers who did not want to purchase new televisions during the transition from analog to digital accommodated by the FCC? Do you see a similar approach in the future?

Why do we need to transition from one digital format to another?

Audience: Keep in mind your paper is to be directed toward someone who IS not familiar with broadcasting technology.

Role: Consider yourself an expert broadcast technology expert explaining the Next Generation Television transition in way that will alleviate any concerns to the community.

Format: Please type your answers in size 12 font, Time New Roman, double spaced, and number your pages with a four to five-page minimum