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Please follow instructions: 10 pages plus abstract and reference page
Pick a movie with a character that has a mental health issue.

The movie assignment will be the culmination of your work in this class. It will essentially be a case-study with clinical assessment and diagnosis of a movie character. Each student will pick a movie of his or her choice. However, you would want to pick a movie where a character does exhibit some sort of mental health issue. Even if you have watched the movie a short time ago, you should watch it again as you will be watching it from a different perspective based on the requirements of this assignment. This is easily a 10 ? 12 page paper (the 10 ? 12 pages is the body only and does not include the title page, abstract, and reference page). DO NOT include a synopsis of the movie. That is not what this paper is about. Format is APA 6th ed. Ensure that you follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing a movie.
Using the movie and the DSM-5, you will submit a paper that includes the following sections:
Introduction to your paper.
Include the title of the movie and a description of the movie character you have chosen to assess (diagnose). Include physical, cognitive, and faith of the character in your description.
Diagnostic Criteria (Please refer to DSM-5 for specific guidelines): Provide the criteria and rationale used to reach your diagnosis, including descriptions of the movie character?s signs and symptoms to support your clinical decision.
Discuss any co-occurring substance abuse or other mental health issue and how that affected the diagnosis you made of the character.
In what way would this character be appropriate (or not) for the facility you visited for the Inpatient Facility Presentation?
Give a brief description of the support system the client has. If there isn?t a support system, be sure to address that. You could also say why the client doesn?t have a support system if that is revealed in the movie either directly or indirectly.
In what way does culture play a part in the character?s situation in the movie? How might culture affect a diagnosis? What part does faith play in the character?s struggles or triumphs?
Provide self-reflection regarding how you felt during and after you watched the movie. What was it like for you to watch the movie? In what ways did this movie affect you? How have your thoughts about abnormal behavior changed (or not) based on watching the movie and the subsequent assessment of the character?
Conclusion to your paper.
Be sure to include a reference page for your paper.