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First watch:

For your discussion, choose ONE of the five suggestions below and use that as your subject line for your original post topic.

I Choose the first option.

1. Learn about your data. You can get data about yourself amazingly easily now: your genotype, your electronic medical record, your lab results, your prescription information, your activity levels. Engage your doctor in a conversation about your data. Who?s gathering it? Where does it go? Why does it move the way it moves? Can you get a copy of it? Can you get a copy that is computationally useful ? in other words, not a fax? In many cases, people have a legal right to copies of their medical records and other health information. So don?t be afraid to ask for it.

Step three: In the discussion, remind us what the speaker’s rationale was regarding the suggestion (in other words, ‘why’ is the suggestion important). Then, based on what you’ve learned about health care this semester (and that’s quite a lot–ethics, costs/funding, career choices, communication, privacy, health reform), summarize what you think are the BENEFITS for impatient patients. Then balance your discussion with the CAUTIONS for impatient patients.