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Meta-themes Paper
The Meta-themes Paper requires you to conduct your own research and use it to illustrate what you have learned about the cross-cutting themes (Vision, Inequality, Global influence, and local control and Labor & Capital) of the course.

Assignment Expectations:
The Meta-themes paper must be formatted as follows:
Word document
Cover page with your name, Panther ID, date of submission, course name/number, and semester
One-inch margins
12-point Times New Roman font
Page numbers in the upper-right-hand corner
Maximum of 1-1.5 pages per Meta-theme; maximum of 6 pages of text. With the cover page (1) and the Reference page (2 or 3 at the most), your paper should run to no more than 5 to 6 pages total.
Choose current websites, journal articles, or news sources (min. 6 sources) How to research (Links to an external site.)
You may cite Readings and Cases no more than twice. You can reuse the same Reading or Case to illustrate multiple Meta-themes.
The Meta-themes Paper may be organized according to the following chart:

In text citations as well.