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From the resources presented this week on collaboration in the medical decision-making process, post regarding your advocacy for or against the use of such committees. Integrate a direct citation from this or our previous module?s resources. Include whether you have any experience with such a committee- as a participant in the decision-making process or as the patient seeking care.

Please follow the instructions and attached textbook below to write the paper.

Complete the following textbook reading to learn what O’Rourke and Boyle have found regarding the purpose of Ethics Committees for healthcare institutions in:

Section 29 Ethics Committees
Complete at least three of the following textbook readings to expand your understanding of the Catholic Christian perspective on the ethical decisions required for a variety of medical decisions.

Section 8 ? Reike
Section 11 – Assisted Suicide
Section 30 – Euthanasia
Section 20 – Contraception
Section 66 – Artificial Insemination
Section 18 – Cloning
Section 47 – In Vitro Fertilization
Section 26 – Treatment of Embryos
Section 73 – Surgery

HEAT Series Ethical Issues In Nursing: Introduction: Concepts, Values, and Decision Making (Links to an external site.)
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Collaboration Across Professions Improves Patient Outcomes (Links to an external site.)