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In a well-developed passage of 700-1000 words, with evidence from the text (at least 2 short, precise quotes per paragraph), answer the question: How does Amir change over time? Please note the ?full circle? development of Amir and the reasons for his actions and beliefs. Reflect back on your discussion questions, journal entries, conversations in class, and your understanding of the story to form your opinion.

You may choose one of the following as your focus:


Passage one: Amir?s relationship with his father. Amir growing up without a mother and fearful that he will never please his father?from contentment to affluence?what happens in his childhood with these in mind and how does the author show Amir as a child growing up with a powerful yet seemingly unloving father? With the climax in Ch. 22 does Amir finally make his father proud?

Passage two: Amir?s relationship with Hassan. Growing up with a ?brother? seems to conflict Amir between his social/class status and his friendship with Hassan. Discuss the dynamics of their relationship and how and why it changes. Does Amir finally find a way ?to be good again? (2).

Passage three: After they, father and son, flee Afghanistan and Pakistan and make their new home in California?how does Amir change as a result of this journey? You may discuss the journey as context to the change as well as how Amir changes when his father passes. What has Amir?s journey revealed about him,? Discuss the frightened little boy in the alley to the brave young man standing in front of Assef. Discuss Amir?s comment during his brutal beating by Assef that ?I [he] felt healed. Healed at last? (289)

Passage four: Marriage alters Amir, who has never known female (or male) tenderness. Explain his development once he sees, courts, and marries Soraya. Discuss their trials and tribulations as well as Amir?s success and his career as a writer and what you notice about him now. Did this relationship help with his decision to return to Kabul?