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This assignment asks you to compare the juvenile justice system in the United States with the juvenile justice system in another nation of your choosing. You should be strategic in your choice of nation. Select a nation with a juvenile justice system similar enough to the United States? system, allowing for a discussion of the similarities, yet distinct enough from the United States? system to allow for a discussion of the differences. To begin this project, discuss the juvenile justice systems in the United States and the other nation you chose to research. Then, directly compare and contrast the two systems. After you compare the two systems, discuss which system you think is preferable and explain why you feel that way.


Your paper should be 5 full pages in length, double-spaced, NOT including a reference page or title page (if you choose to use a title page). Any headings do not count toward the page length of your paper. Use 12-pt. Times New Roman font, and margins should be set at1-inch. Your paper must be submitted as a Word document. Any deviation from these formatting guidelines will result in a loss of points. Be sure to cite any outside information that you use in your paper. Outside information should be cited both in the text and in a reference page at the end of your paper.

There is also a paper that i have started if you cant to finish that go ahead or if you want to pick a different country that is easier for you to write about. Please use your know work. if you are going to use any information from a text book please add the sources. Also please used APA format throught the paper.

Cite are not apart of the pages asking fot because you dit not write it your copying and pasting that information

Thank you! In Juvenile Justice System brim there is so much that can be learned. I have decided do a comparison with United Stated of America and Norway to see if there is any difference and similarities within each country. I believe that many countries are different in their own way and country to country can do things a little different from another. Every country has their own rule or procedures that must be executed to ably by the country law, and they may be different from American law. With this been said, it should be interesting in how Norway and America approach?s juvenile delinquents to each legal system and see which country has the best rehabilitation and punishment. My research with break down how the United State law handle their juvenile system, followed by how Norway may handle theirs.
To fully understand what juvenile delinquency is there will be a define and a brief overview of this develop into an big issue in society. According to one of the text definition, juvenile delinquency is as
the violation by the law to any youth should be handles by the juvenile court jurisdiction and shoed be brought in to for jurisdiction, whether violation was within a local area, state or ordinance by anyone whom have not yet reaches the age of majority (Merlo, Benekos, Champion, 2016). Many see juvenile delinquency as an issue in society and many may say youths break rules and has little consequence because they may not face any punishment because they are just youths and it may make them feel it?s acceptable to repeat the same thing because their punishment is not extreme.

Base off research it shows that United States and Norway take different approaches in how juveniles are sentence, also the approach in youth restorative and ?tough on crime? approach system. The Norway system on Convention on the Rights of Child has highly separate the influences within both country Juvenile Justice System. According to