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The ‘That’s a Wrap’ Project.

The focus for the presentations is FILMMAKING AROUND THE WORLD. In attempt to reflect on the diversity of filmmaking in places other than the United States as well as your personal interests, each student will focus their research using the requirements below.

Requirements for the project:

? All research topics should be from outside of the American film industry.

Presentations will be made in the form of a Google Slides presentation to include the following:

? A minimum of 3 information slides

? A minimum of 2 still images that support the subject of your research

? One video clip (3 minute maximum) example (youtube, etc.) that helps to support your research. (may be embedded into the slide or provided by a link on the slide that can be accessed by the group.)

? Material from at least two different on-line sources other than Wikipedia

? Content for the presentation should focus on TWO of the following:

One important filmmaker (director, cinematographer, editor, etc.).
One successful actor/actress.
One significant and impactful film.
To reiterate, these must be films or artists that are not part of the American film industry.
Other requirements:

Must be creative and well-organized.
Should highlight information in a way that reveals a concise overview.
Should NOT be information that has just been cut and pasted from a website.