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Your assignment must be typed, not to exceed 4 typed, double-spaced pages using a 10 or 12 font. The format can be submitted as a narrative or, as an outline. Be sure to include your name, name of the course and the date your assignment was submitted on the first page of your assignment. Each answer must be numbered and presented in the same order as indicated on your assignment sheet. You may refer to the appropriate chapters in your textbook to support your answers. Attach a ?References Cited? page at the end of the assignment to document your sources.

The Assignment:

You have been hired to develop a ?Re-Entry Training Program? for incarcerated inmates who are scheduled for release. Consider how you would use and/or incorporate the information presented by Sgt. Thomas Campagnolo from the Monmouth County Correctional Facility into your program. Share your thoughts conerning how the Value Orientation Theory could be applied to your program. You must include specific strategies for addressing the unmet cultural diversity needs of the inmate population whether the sentence is less than a week, between 12-24 months or longer. Select only one of the inmate populations (male or female) listed below to develop and implement a program for.