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Guest Allowance
In your opinion, under which of the following circumstances would you (you are the front-office manager) grant the guest an allowance? Explain the value of that allowance. In situations where an allowance is not warranted, what else might you do to ?solve? the issue?

a. The guest was excited to sleep in the morning after check-in. But the alarm clock (set by the previous guest and not turned off by housekeeping) woke her at 4:30 a.m.

b. Similar to the above scenario: Last night, the guest called the telephone operator and talked with Ronnie. The guest asked for a 6:00 a.m. wake-up call. The call never came, resulting in a rushed and underprepared morning for the guest. You looked through the front desk?s wake-up log and noticed the room was documented for 6:00 a.m. but are uncertain if the call was ever programmed into the system.

c. Mr. Harrison, a regular corporate guest, is checking out and discovers the nightly room charge to be $156, but he insists his negotiated rate is $136.

d. At checkout, Mrs. Abernathy complains that yesterday?s room service meal was both late and cold upon delivery. The meal was charged to her room in the amount of $43.

e. Mr. Blankenshire is checking out after three nights. He presents a reservation confirmation, which clearly states that complimentary Continental breakfast is provided each morning. He claims he did not know what this meant, and each morning simply ordered a full breakfast from the menu and charged it to his guest folio. He wants an allowance credit for all three mornings.

Be sure to thoroughly respond to each scenario. Be sure to format your paper in APA style, including using a title page and reference page.