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Short Paper
Online Instruction / January 31 – May 27, 2022
Christine Foerster
Short Paper Description
Write an essay in which you discuss the topic of
feminism. What is it? What is its historical impor-
tance and relationship to art production? Choose
one woman artist whose work addresses feminism in
an interesting way. Is this artist a self proclaimed fem-
inist? Or does she resist this qualification? How is her
work discussed in art historical terms?
You should briefly define the Three Waves of Fem-
inism for the purposes of this paper. (Use the supple-
mental reading, ?Historical Dictionary of Feminist
Philosophy? from week 11.)
You are also required to cite at least one key point
from the text, ?Why Are There No Great Women
Artists?? and relate that point to your discussion.
And, one key point from the recent article ?How
a Fractious Women?s Movement Came to Lead the
Short Paper Must Address the Following:
1. What is feminism? Or if you prefer what are
feminisms (if you think it can be defined in
multiple ways).
2. Was is the history of feminism? What are its
precursors? (Three waves)
3. What is intersectional feminism?
4. What are some of the ways that feminism has
been problematized or complicated in recent
Art History?
5. What does this current revival of feminism
and art production in large scale exhibitions
such as WACK say about feminism?
6. What female artist engages with feminism
in insightful ways. How does her work ad-
dress issues of feminism? What message or in-
formation is the artist attempting to convey
about feminism through the work?
7. How is the artist responding to her particular
historical context?
8. How does Nochlin?s article, ?Why AreThere
No Great Women Artists?? relate to your dis-
9. How does Hess?s article, ?How a Fractious
Women?s Movement Came to Lead the Left.?
relate to your discussion.
Paper Submission:
? Your essay must be a minimum of 650 words. Use
a 12 point font and 1.5 or double spacing. Upload
your essays to Assignments by Sunday, April 24.
? Please review the statement about plagiarism in
the syllabus before starting your paper. All ideas
and words that are not your own must be cited