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Each assignment should be 3.5 ? 5 double spaced (with a standard font and
one inch margins) pages or their equivalent. These are expected to be
polished essays that are your original work and argument based.

Film options:
1. Go (2001, by Isao Yukisada)
2. Audition (1999, by Takashi Miike) (free on Tubi)

Select either Japanese films, Go or Audition, and perform a close reading of a single scene in the film and what it has
to tell us about:
a) the film?s contributions to Japanese film history
b) the genre of the film or
c) the historical period of the film

Please use the attached articles as sources for the correpsinding films. Other sources are allowed as long as you also
include an article attached.

Go Article: use Representing the Zainichi

Auditon article: use Shin of Art Branding