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Final Essay Exam

Select only one (1) of the following essay topics to complete: Question #1 or Question #2. Your essay should not be less than 500 words. However, there is no maximum word count. However, your essay must be at least 500 words for full points. Please give word count at the end of the essay. Be sure to include at least 3 citations and a Works Cited page. Follow example #30 “Two or More Selections From an Anthology or a Collection” on page 184 of A Writer’s Reference.

Note: Your essay and works cited page entries must only come from the following articles from Chapter 14 of Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum.
Introductory material on “Fairy Tales”
“What Great Books Do For Children” by Schlesinger Jr.
“Four Variants of ‘Cinderella'” by Perrault, Grimm Brothers, Ch’Eng-Shih, Lee
“Four Brief Analyses of ‘Cinderella'” by Bettelheim, Baum, Hurley, and Zipes
“What’s Wrong with Cinderella” by Orenstein
There are no outside sources for this essay. Using outside sources will result in loss of points. Remember, this essay is over analysis of the required materials.
Stay away from using first person pronouns (I, my). Stay away from second person pronouns (you) too. Instead, you will want to express your essay without saying phrases like:

“In my opinion”
“I think”
“I feel”
“When thinking about this topic, I”
Question #1:

What kind of role model does Cinderella provide for children, especially girls? Analyze the Cinderella story in terms that 2 of the 3 authors (Baum, Zipes, and Bettelheim in “Four Brief Analyses”) discussed in pages 504-506 in Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum.

Note: the basis for your analysis is the idea of a role model. Focus on this with your answer. In other words, how do you agree/disagree with the 2-3 authors interpretations of Cinderella. Remember, just because these are published does not mean that you have to agree with them.
You will need at least three citations and a works cited page (following #30, p. 184 of handbook). Head appropriately with MLA format.

Question #2:

Certain ideas, such as sibling rivalry, magic, violence, are present in most of the hundreds of versions of Cinderella. Use one (only one!) of the analytical tools in the bulleted list (485-494), showing how that idea appears in those three versions.

You will need at least three citations and a works cited page (following #30, p. 184 of handbook). Head appropriately with MLA format

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