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Explore economic problems covid has caused and provide a solution for them. Include charts and graphs to back up point.s I have provided the instructions and the problems I would like to focus on in the files attached.In this paper you will be focusing on analyzing core macroeconomics variables of your choice delivered in a college level format paper (look at the sample in the library, online, etc.). Propose and explain a solution for one current or future macroeconomic problem of your interest. In the other word, choose a microeconomic issue or subject that you care deeply about or offer a solution to a problem you care about.

Analyze and evaluate your solution. Be sure to explain everything in your own words. If you have any doubt about your chosen topic, please discuss it with me before you start writing your paper.

?The paper will be presented in an MLA format using Microsoft Word. Your paper should have a name, section number, the instructor?s name and topic. The paper should be double-spaced and Time New Roman font, size 12.
?After you submit the paper, you must make sure it?s not a corrupt file
?The paper must contain between 8 00-1200 words (without the citation)
?Y ou must include at least five scientific sources(YouTube, Investopedia, dictionary, and s imilar sources are NOT a scientific source).
?U se economic terminology, data, graphs,? in your paper.
?Label your tables and graphs if you have any.