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Search the web to investigate the current population size of humans for the world and 3 countries of your choice. Investigate the current growth rates and patterns for these countries and what if anything is being or has been done to address this population growth.

Some links worth checking out:

Population by Country (2021) – Worldometer

Population Figures for all Countries 2019-2021 of the World – Nations Online Project

2021 World Population by Country

Also include discussions on events or policies that may have affected that countries population size/growth rate. Be sure to include reputable sources, such as the United Nations or your selected country’s government websites.


Three Countries – Population size, growth rates and patterns.
Three Countries – Response to population changes (laws, policies, social changes, etc.)
World – Current population size.
Sources – A minimum of 4, written as citations (more than just a simple link!!)
Submit your findings in a word document with your sources cited (at least 4).