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Does educating our youth about digital abuses such as sexting, cyberbullying, and harassment really work? Check out the following sites that are geared towards bringing awareness and education to the digital abuses committed by today’s youth: A Thin Line by MTV, The Cybersmile Foundation, and

Using the information found on these sites, this week’s readings, and your own experiences, analyze whether these types of organizations can be effective in changing online behaviors of youth. Highlight a real-life or academic case study presented on any of these sites or in the module readings.

Complete a short paper using the following bullet points to help write your case study analysis:

Describe the general issue of digital abuse and identify one specific topic to address. (approximately one-two detailed paragraphs)
Discuss a specific example of digital abuse. (approximately two paragraphs)
Analyze the consequences of this abuse, not just from the perspective of the victim, but from the perspective of the perpetrator and society. (approximately two paragraphs)
In what ways can these types of organizations be effective in preventing future abuses? Why might they fail? (Approximately two paragraphs)
In what ways in any could the organization’s efforts be improved? (Approximately 1-2 paragraphs.)
The resources mentioned in the first paragraph: