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The definition to use would be: Love

Use the methods of definition provided on one of the attachments to complete your definition essay:
Defining through synonyms
Defining through description
Defining through example
Defining through comparison
Defining through extended definition

MLA format times new Roman #12 and double space between all lines and paragraphs

The purpose of a definition essay is to explain a particular concept or terminology. You should be able to elaborate on your definition essay by using your own words or by using a dictionary input when referring to abstract concepts such as friendship or love. You are not only providing the readers an explanation of a specific term, but you are also explaining on the topic and providing different opinions on it.

You must provide and elaborate on a 3 content pages minimum (not including cited works page) and you will follow the Gordon rules policies and procedures. Even though the Gordon rules and procedures does not necessarily include the terminology on the different writing essays, they will guide you as to inform you about the college level research writing expectations, information on the writing structure standard as well as the correct MLA format and reliable sources to be utilized in your essay.