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Must be 2 pages, not including the title page or reference page, and no abstract is necessary. Sources must be from scholarly journals within the last 3 years. The essay can only have 1 direct quote and not longer than 18 words.

Evaluate the financial impacts of policies, laws, and regulations imposed by the Joint Commission (including cultural, social, and diversity impacts)
Clearly identify a policy, law, or regulation imposed by the government or agency
Discuss the impact on nursing care (positive or negative)
After researching the issue, what is a potential solution to this issue?
Design an implementation strategy for your proposed solution. For example, what legislation should be passed/ is being proposed to address this? This can be on at the institutional level, the local level, the regional/state level, or at the national level

Identify at least 3 primary obstacles in implementing your proposed strategy to address the issue and how would any success by measured

Use headings/subtitles to organize content:
Policy Identification
Impact on Nursing
Potential Solution
Implementation Strategy
Primary Obstacles