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For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to imagine that you are a teacher, and you will be teaching a brief lesson on one of the topics we discussed this semester.

To complete the assignment, please read the article “Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching” by Geneva Gay. After you’ve read the article, please complete the steps below to complete the project.

Read the article “Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching” by Geneva Gay (in the Culturally Responsive Teaching Project module).
Choose a children’s book or young adult book that addresses one of the topics of diversity we have discussed this semester. If you plan to teach, please choose a book that is appropriate for the grade level you hope to teach. The book can be fiction or non-fiction. (See the list of links below to find titles of books you could read, or go to the public library and ask the librarian for help.)
Once you have found a book, read it. Then, share your book report on the discussion board; it should include the following information:
Title and author of the book in the subject line of your post
In a paragraph, summarize the book. Include the title, author, and the diversity aspect of the book.
In a second paragraph, describe your reaction to the book. (Do you like it? Why/why not? Would you recommend it? Why/why not?, etc.)
Next, imagine that you would use this book in a teaching setting (e.g., a regular classroom, summer camp, or after school setting). In a third paragraph, describe the steps of a brief lesson when you would use this book to discuss the diversity topic of the book.
List three additional websites, including the URL, that could be incorporated into or added on to the activity/lesson outline you provided in step 5. Why did you choose these resources? How would you incorporate them or add them to the lesson?
As you were preparing your lesson, parts d and e, which ideas from the article, “Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching,” did you consider or apply when completing parts d and e? Why did you focus on those ideas?