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Assignment Objective

This project or assignment will assist the student to advocate
for patients and families to promote growth as human beings. This
assignment will assist the student to differentiate both chronologic and
cognitive stages of development based on Erickson behavioral model. They will
then identify both safe and unsafe issues in the home environment and help
the family to make the necessary changes to provide a safe home environment.

Assignment Directions

1. Identify a home environment with children.

2. Identify
both chronological and cognitive ages of the child.

3. Give
evidence that the child is or is not meeting milestones according to

4. Include
any children in evolution (Pregnant).

5. Assess
your home for real and potential hazards for injury to the children within
the home and any children that may enter the home area.

6. This
assessment should include the home and property including anything or item on
the property.

7. During
your assessment you need to include the positive things that you note.

8. Identify
both positive and negative issues.

9. After
describing the safety concerns indicate the cost of eliminating the issue.

10. Indicate
any resources in the community that may assist the you in this process.

11. Identify
an appropriate nursing diagnosis, outcomes, and interventions

12. Suggestions
(this is not an inclusive list):

a) Alcohol

b) Window

c) Poisons
? meds, cleaning products, storage

d) Cords/blinds/cooking

e) Hot
water tanks

Maintaining property/house

g) Child
care (instructions and numbers for sitters)

h) Animals

911 and instruction