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The coffee shop near the local college normally sells 10 ounces of roasted coffee beans for $10. but the shop sometimes puts the beans on sale. during some sales, it offers “33 percent more for free.” Other weeks, it takes “33 percent off” the normal price. After reviewing the shop’s sales data, the shop’s manager finds that “33 percent more for free” sells a lot more coffee than “33 percent off.” Are the store’s customers making a systematic error? Which is actually the better deal?
Write the Report in your own words. Format your text consistently throughout the Report, taking care to cite correctly the works used. Cite at least two sources other than the textbook or Wikipedia to support your research. Include a Bibliography for those resources at the end of your document.

Also be sure to proofread for spelling and grammar. The total word count for your report is: 250-500 words (1 page of double-spaced text = approximately 250 words). A title page and the Bibliography do not count in this word count.