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Case – Nestle: The Infant Formula Controversy
A case on ethics and social responsibility.
Read the case provided.
At the end of the case, the assignment is described but adjust according to the questions listed below.
Organize your paper with a clear introduction (including thesis statement) and conclusion section.
The sections are described below. You should have section headings leading the reader through an essay on the topic. The questions are provided below, which should be incorporated into response paragraphs, with headings.
Do not just write the question as to the heading. Instead, develop an appropriate heading based on the question topic.
Questions to be addressed: Place each of these under its own heading.
Introduction (Brief introduction to the situation/problem)
Corporate Social Responsibility (Discuss corporate social responsibility. What are the responsibilities of companies in this or a similar situation?)
Nestle’s Situation (What could Nestle have done to have avoided accusations of ?killing Third World babies? and still market its product?)
Protecting the Company in the Future (After Nestle?s experience, how do you suggest it or any other company can protect itself in the future? Do not write in person but explain your ideas.)
Similar Companies Who Have Been Faced with Similar Challenging Situations (Locate another company that has been faced with a challenging similar situation within the past five years and discuss.)
Conclusion (Write a short paragraph summarizing what all this means to operate a company when considering this case).
Make sure you use several sources (more than 5 scholarly references within the past five years are required) to properly develop this work.
? Suggested length — three pages, not including Title page and Reference page
? Single or 1.5 line spacing is acceptable for cases
? Font should be Times New Roman, Cambria, or Calibri 11 or 12 font
? Include a Title page (something similar to this presentation), pages should be numbered in the top right corner and should have a running header. Follow APA rules.
? Page numbers and last name in the right header are required.
? Section headings are required.
? Review Instructor handout on APA and formal writing