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I will be attaching the professor outline. Everything that the professor has in the outline must be followed that exact way. The questions that have to be answered over the book review is on the attached document.

You CAN NOT quote any of the work, but must put a page number; the teacher can verify if the writer read it or not. It must be an analysis paper that is 4-5 pages in length.History 4202: A Dr. Block
Analysis paper #3 email:
Book: Freeman, Field of Blood
DUE DATE: Monday, 18 April 2022

This is an analysis paper not a book report. That means you should summarize the author?s main points or arguments and examine the evidence used to support the argument. This paper begins by identifying the author?s thesis ? the central argument and conclusion of the text. You can only do that if you understand what the author is actually saying. An analysis paper begins with a close, thoughtful reading. As you read take notes. If you have a specific question or themes to write about in the assignment, then read for what you need ? seek out the author?s discussion of the question or theme and focus your note taking on that material.
Use your notes to write your paper and make sure you have a thesis of your own that deals with the question(s) or theme(s) of the assignment. If the assignment requires you to answer more than one question or theme, make sure you answer all of the questions asked. Organize your paper around your thesis regarding the question or themes of the assignment. Keep your writing simple and elegant. Show your work. You may not quote, but you still have to cite the pages from where your information came.

When you have completed writing your paper, re-read it to make sure you have a thesis and an argument and that you have answered the question or addressed the themes asked in the assignment. Make sure your argument is logical and your writing is clear and concise. Make sure you have backed up your own assertions with evidence. Make sure you have cited the pages from where your evidence came. Once you have re-read your essay and cleaned up the writing, then proofread it again, first to make sure your argument is clear and logical and second to edit out any and all typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and the like.

In a well-written, well-reasoned, and well-documented 4?5-page analytical essay, answer the following:
What does the author mean by the title?s phrase ?field of blood?? Examine violence in the nation?s capital. What forms did the violence (threatened and real) take? Where and under what circumstances was violence most likely to occur? Who were the most violent men in Congress? Why were they the most violent men? What provocations sent men into violent rages, and against whom? Who were the recipients of most of the violence? How did the public perceive and react to violence in the national government? In what ways did the violence in Congress reflect the temper of the time? Why is it important to learn about violence in the national government?

Do not forget that PLAGIARISM is not allowed. The same technologies that make it easy for you to steal someone else?s work and try to pass it off as your own make it equally easy for me to catch the offense. Any student who commits plagiarism will receive a failing grade for the course and do not forget that your department, college, and the university all have policies against academic fraud and intellectual dishonesty. I use the plagiarism software in BlazeView.

In this essay you will make an argument. You must have a thesis statement and you must support it with specific references and examples from the text. Your essay should include information from every chapter of the book. Use only the assigned book for your analysis. Do not consult any outside materials or sources whatsoever to write your essay. Think and write critically and make very sure that you base your argument on the facts and not on your personal opinions or feelings. REMEMBER: Historians argue from evidence, and you are writing as a student of history!!! Always support your generalizations with specific examples and document your examples carefully, fully, and properly. Never, never, never assume what your reader knows and that the reader of your paper has read the book. Make very sure that your answer proves to the professor that you read the whole book if you want a good grade for the essay.

All essays must include the page numbers of the incidents and examples you discuss. The page number and only the page number should follow the paraphrased statement or incident and be in parentheses ( ) ? no ?p.? or author name. Any essay that does not have page number citations will receive a grade of ZERO.

An inherent part of any assignment in a college course is the ability to follow the instructions. Students who do the assignment incorrectly will suffer the consequences. The essay is 4-5 pages. Papers that are less than FOUR full pages will be penalized one full letter grade per page (that means 3&1/2 pages or even 3&3/4ths pages is not 4 full pages. All papers must be typed, double-spaced, have a one-inch margin all around, and use a standard-size font (New Times Roman 12 or equivalent). Please note that I will dock you a full letter grade for each violation of these rules. All papers must be stapled (no paper clips or tear and folds). Do not include a cover page or put the essay in a folder or cover. Do not include a works cited page.

Everything you tell me must be in your own words. Any paper that has quotations will receive a grade of ZERO for the assignment.

?Do not make up a conversation.
?Keep the language of the essay formal.
?You must use the English language properly. Proper spelling, grammar, & punctuation are vital to the assignment as are proper sentence and paragraph structure.
?Subjects and verbs should agree as should nouns and pronouns.
?Do not use contractions in a formal paper. If you do not know what a contraction is find out before you hand in the paper.
?Strive for the active voice. If you do not know what that is find out before you hand in the paper.