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Select a figuritve artist from either of these categories.
Drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture.
the artist can be from any period in time. Cannot be Bob Ross, no anime, no cartoons, no disney artists.

write a two page paper that includes: a brief biography of the artists life, where they are from what period of art is their work connected too and what materials did they use. Descibe the artists use of figure in their work. For example is the figure realistic or abstract, is the settings naturalisitc or fantasy, interiorr or exterior and how do all these choices effect the finished work.

do you like the work and if not why? how is the composition, space, lights, and darks, and color if included in the work? Is the work telling a story? what is that story? and any other observation you want to include.

Include three examples of the artists work. Make sure the artists name, title, date of the work, and medium is on each image