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The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to write a well-developed essay that supports a clear thesis with textual evidence. The assignment meets the following ENG 101 learning objectives:

Write for a variety of purposes and audiences
Compose essays that assert and develop a debatable thesis statement by using relevant evidence in academic discourse

Over the past few weeks, we have read the following and learned a variety of strategies for developing an essay.:

Joanna Mackay?s ?Organ Sales Will Save Lives?
Nicholas Kristof?s ?Our Blind Spot About Guns?
Molly Worthen?s ?U Can?t Talk to Your Professor Like This?
For your midterm assignment write an argumentative essay (minimum of 750 words) in response to one of the following questions:

Should organ sales be legalized?
What types of regulations, if any, should be put on gun ownership?
In the 21st century, what do you think is an appropriate way to talk to a professor? Why do you think this?
The essay should include the elements in the checklist below:

An introduction that lays out the essay?s main idea.
A thesis that directly answers the question
Topic sentences that are reasons that support the thesis
Evidence and details that support the topic sentence.
A conclusion that summarizes the main point.
At least one citation of the assigned reading.
Your essay should develop an original point of view and not simply be a summary of the assigned reading.

Essay assignments should conform to MLA format (Links to an external site.) and cite the associated reading/resource
Use a 12-point font.
Use double spacing, so there is room for me to write comments.
Include your last name in the filename (example: Unit-1 AS1 Smith.)
It should be a Word (.doc or .docx) format file.