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Imagine that you are currently working in your field of study, in an entry level professional position. You enjoy your work and you are recognized as being a dependable employee who is a self-starter and a problem solver.

Imagine that you have recently noticed a problem on the job. You may have noticed that a lot of your fellow officers are suffering from stress if you are in law enforcement, or you may have noticed that a lot of your fellow teachers do not return after their first year, or you may have noticed that a lot of your fellow employees are frequently absent.

In order to bring about change in a systematic and logical fashion, many organizations require the completion of reports that show how problematic the issue is and how reasonable and feasible the recommended solution will be. Demonstrate your ability to problem solve by writing a preliminary proposal report recommending one specific solution to the one problem you have selected to help your organization address and solve.

Your Preliminary Proposal should be 3-4 well-developed but concise, single spaced paragraphs. The report itself must be written in memo format addressed to your direct supervisor. It must also meet the following guidelines:

Demonstrate to the particular audience why this one specific problem is something that they need to address
Present one reasonable solution (one solution, not a series of recommendations for what they might do) to this problem, persuasively showing that the proposed solution would work for this particular organization
Incorporate paraphrased information from one relevant and reliable secondary source that either helps you show the seriousness of the problem or that helps support your recommended solution. If you quote the source, you will not have met guidelines.
Cite the source you use, both in text and in an appropriately APA formatted Reference page.
Organize your ideas logically and demonstrate appropriate paragraphing
Use professional language appropriate to your audience and to the writing situation
Apply editing skills to avoid distracting grammar and punctuation errors
3-4 paragraphs (1?1 and ? pages single spaced)
Memorandum format written to a specific organization and specific direct supervisor
Problem identified and one solution addressed
Source paraphrased and not quoted, cited in-text and in References page, in APA format