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You are the director of community affairs for the health lobby organization, Pathways to a Healthy America. Your organization represents a state which has decided to forego participation in the ACA expansion program.
Write an advocacy report to state lawmakers advocating for EITHER participating in the original expansion program or participating with conditions (waivers) to address the critical gap in coverage for vulnerable adults in your state.
Waivers such as Section 1115 enable for alternative implementation of Medicaid expansion and allow states to impose restrictions which may result in a denial of Medicaid eligibility for individuals who do not meet those restrictions, i.e., work requirements.

Describe your state?s current Medicaid program including its eligibility criteria, demographics, Medicaid spending and savings since the ACA?s implementation.
Recommend a process, ACA?s expansion program OR the use of waivers, that would be most beneficial to your state base on profile.
Include a comprehensive description of current or pending waivers.
Include a discussion on another state?s success with Medicaid reform using your recommended strategy (the ACA?s expansion program OR the use of the specific types of waivers for which you propose) and how they implemented it.
Three OR MORE sources within the last FIVE YEARS