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You are responsible for detailing the marketing strategy of a consumer-oriented Fortune 600 company from the list provided by your professor.

You will need to elaborate on the marketing strategy but keep things succinct (in other words, no copying and pasting rambling paragraphs from online sources, keep all lines of text as short as possible)

Executive Summary (10 points) ~2-3 minutes

-Provides overview of marketing strategy

-Highlights most important facets of the strategy

Strategy (20 points)


Target markets (20 points)

-Describes the target markets *specifically*

-Demonstrates understanding of at least 1 segmentation base

Products (20 points)

-Explains what the core products are

-Describes the value these products provide to consumers (competitive advantages)

Promotions (20 points)

-Describes the company?s advertising/promotional strategy

-Demonstrates understanding of how these strategies appeal to the target market