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Answer these questions by book ,,Toomas Nipernaadi” author August Gailit.

1. Explain the structure of the work.

2. “Toomas Nipernaadi” is a novel in short stories. How many short stories does the work consist of? Write five sentences for each short story.

3. What are the similarities and differences between Toomas Nipernaadi and the other characters?

4. Choose one short story and describe it in more detail.

Who are the characters in the short story?
What is the situation for Nipernaadi?
How is Nipernaadi trying to deal with this situation?
Why is Nipernaadi leaving?
How do you feel – is Nipernaadi helping other characters or is it more confusing?

5. Was there a story that gave you the impression that Nipernaadi didn’t want to leave, but couldn’t stay there? Justify your choice.

6. When someone is said to be like Nipernaadi, what do you think that means? Could this be a positive or negative comparison?