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The purpose is to explore a theory and apply the chosen theory to examine a particular social issue or behavior::: application of a theory to examine and explain a social issue or common social behavior and using evidence to critically analyze theory.
THEORY IS COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THEORY which includes cognition, modeling, behavioral rehearsal, social (positive) reinforcement, and cognitive restructuring
SOCIAL ISSUE OR BEHAVIOR IS::: stress and anxiety in young adults
1. description of the issue or behavior.
who is affected?
how are they affected?
how many people are affected?
how are they affected?
2. Description of the theory. Identify the central premises and central concepts.
who originated the theory?
how does the theory relate to other theories?
who are the major theorists associated with the theory?
3. Support your choice of theories.
what evidence is there to support the theory in general?
to what issue, population, and behaviors has the theory been applied with success previously?
what unique perspective do you think this theory brings to your chosen issue or behavior?
4. Apply the theory to explain your chosen issue or behavior
5. Critique the usefulness of this theory in explaining the issue or behavior.
what are some of the explanatory limitations to the theory?
what dimensions are not addressed?
how is culture, power, and structural oppression addressed by the theory?