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This week, you are to read Chapter 10 in Teacher Wars. In this chapter, the author critiques the long history of teachers being disempowered and advocates for practices that empower teachers to thrive at their job. Goldstein mentions how Madeline Hunter?s lesson plan model, Charlotte Danielson?s framework for administrator observations, and teacher peer review have all been applied in education with mixed results.

Use the information from the readings to compose your discussion. Your answers to the questions should be in multiple sentences to 1 paragraph in length.

Answer the following questions as part of your discussion:

Madeline Hunter?s ?lesson design? system helps teacher plan their lessons and helps administrators evaluate teachers based on several key components. Use this link to read more about the lesson plan model. Identify its strengths, weaknesses, and omissions? Is the Hunter model too teacher-centered?
Reread the scenario of Bob Lowe (p.240). Share your thoughts and reactions to what played out. Do you think systems like this are fair and effective? Would you like to work for a school district that implemented such a plan?
The goal of empowering teachers and supporting them is to keep good teachers in the classroom. Teachers who feel supported and successful are more likely to stay in the classroom. This is known as teacher retention. As of 2015, 44% of Georgia?s new teachers left the profession by year five. There?s lots of research into the why in teacher retention. Read 1 (one) of the 3 (three) articles provided about teacher retention. Share your thoughts and reactions to what?s happening in Georgia, and other states. What do you think can be done to help solve this issue?

Another term in education that relates to teacher evaluations, teacher preparedness, and teacher retention is teacher efficacy. Do a little research into teacher efficacy. Summarize what this is, and how this relates to you as you pursue this field. Include a link to where you gathered the information for this question.

Be detailed in your analysis and provide references/quotes to support your analysis. You can reference the book Teacher Wars, or any further readings. You can also include outside resources in your answers. Either way, there must be direct evidence of your reference in each of your answers. Remember to reference the texts and other sources as appropriate. Anytime you use any words/ideas that didn?t come directly and solely from your head, you should provide the reference. You only need to provide a full citation, however, for sources other than those assigned.

Your discussion will also include a personal summary of the discussion lesson content. Your summary should be between 1-2 paragraphs in length.

In your summary, share you biggest take-aways to the content. What surprised you? What sparked your curiosity? What is something you want to know more about?