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React to one specific example of the unexplained religious phenomena described in the Website “Religious Mysteries/Miracles”

And writing 4- 5 sentence reaction should specify which case you are discussing and how your reaction of belief or disbelief corresponds to either the Scientific or Religious Worldview. Give concrete reasons for your position.

Then, respond the two examples that offering a suggestion as to how it might be possible to look at the case from the opposite perspective. For example, if the example is looking at it religiously, offer the perspective of someone coming at it from the scientific worldview. This response should be 2-4 sentences in length each.

Example 1:
“The case I will be talking about is Angel Encounters. This case is based on people who believe they have had personal encounters with beings they say are angels. I believe this has to do with religious worldview of reincarnation of the soul. I personally strongly believe In Angel Encounters. Since both my grandparents passed away, I?ve seen red cardinals everywhere I go. I?ve concluded that these red cardinals are my grandparents watching over me. It has been said that red cardinals are spiritual messengers. I tend to see these a lot more when I?m having a bad day. Which the article says, ?They almost always appear in time of need? (Wagner, 2019). Angel Encounters are for short periods of time personally a quick pick me up when you?re feeling down. They show themselves in different forms and then after they do what was needed, they are gone. ?Vanishes without a trace? (Wagner,2019).

Wagner, Stephen. ?Check out the Top 10 Religious Mysteries and Miracles.? LiveAbout, LiveAbout, 25 May 2019,”

Example 2:

“When I was younger, I recall hearing stories about weeping Mother Mary statues or bleeding Jesus crucifixion statues and I would always wonder how it was possible. Every year, the article claims that there are claims from all around the world about these occurrences and it makes me question what’s real and what’s exaggerated. For example, say a statue was made of wax and it was a really hot summers day and it began to melt around the eyes and someone saw this and claimed that the statue was crying, this could be something that happens. However, because I am a believer of things happening and some of them being those we cannot explain, I am 50/50 on these occurrences. I believe that they can actually occur without there being any evidence of tampering or science involved but at the same time, I would not be surprised if they were tampered with to get lots of attention from the media or have people visit and create a tourist attraction. From a religious standpoint, these can be signs of a higher power showing people that they are here and that they are watching.”