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You may choose one or more chapters from E.G. Whites, The Ministry of Healing. (Link to access the chapters:

You will then write a reflection paper regarding your thoughts, meaningful ideas, feelings, and/or reactions, and the application of these to nursing practice or your own spiritual growth and self-care.
Readings from E.G. White; The Ministry of Healing:
Chapter 1 (Our Example)
Chapter 2 (Days of Ministry)
Chapter 4 (The Touch of Faith)
Chapter 5 (Healing of the Soul)
Chapter 6 (Saved to Serve)
Chapter 20 (General Hygiene)
Chapter 21 (Hygiene Among the Israelites)
Chapter 23 (Diet and Health)
Chapter 40 (Help in Daily Living)
Chapter 41 (In Contact with Others)
White, E. G. (2011). The Ministry of healing. Guildford, UK: White Crow Books.