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Feel free to write about one of the twelve topics below you’re most comfortable with:
Surprise: The Best Workplace Retention Plan Is Not Only Higher Pay.
The American Civil Rights Act: How Large Companies Can Learn from Employee Complaints.
Is the American Military Employment Structure a Better Model for State and Local Government?
The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Management Processes.
How Human Resources Can Address and Heal Racial Conflicts in the Workplace.
Robots in the HR Office: Which Jobs Can They Replace?
What HR Learned from the Covid-19 Experience.
Must the Employer Provide Everything Work-Related to Employees Working From Home?
How to Recruit Globally for Top Employees.
Health Insurance and Retirement Issues in the U.S.: A Look Back and to the Future of Social Security and Medicare.
There Needs to be a New Federal Employment Law Covering… (Your Choose the Topic)
Can You Really Say That in the Workplace? A Study of the Evolution of Office Conversations.
Research information related to their essay topic, then reference the research in the essay, and use APA style within the entire essay.

The references page will list the research and resources referenced in the essay. The references page and cover page (if a cover page is included) are not counted toward the six-page essay.

Be sure to include applicable terms and concepts from the textbook in your essay. Online Textbook:
*The drop arrow to the right of “contents” will give you the chapters.

Must include your recommendation(s) to resolve the human resources challenge within your chosen topic.