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A Doctor that I requested a recommendation letter for Medical School asked me to write it and then send it back to him soo that he can sign it. I would like the letter to be edited
and make it sound really compelling.
Thank you.

Dear Admissions Committee,

I?m pleased to recommend Sarah for Medical School I first met Sarah when she was tasked as a medic to the House Medical Unit (HMU) to help with COVID 19 relief. Although Sarah was one of thirty-five taskers, she stood out amongst her peers because of her desire to keep learning and positive attitude during a global pandemic.

Sarah, an active duty Aerospace Medical Technician in the US Air Force was taking six classes while working full time in order to obtain her hard-earned Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her determination to succeed in both work and school led her to excel as a medic working for the Medical Unit as well. Her experiences in life before and after joining the Air Force really made her passionate about medicine. Surviving a life-threatening complication from a Brain Surgery and living through her first pediatric death as a new medic made her not only value life, but now she understood the value of helping and caring for others.

Compared to the other medics on the unit, her work ethic has always been at the top. This has led other medics to ask her for help if they did not understand the task at hand. Despite her busy schedule, Sarah always balances her time wisely so she is not distracted at work and exceeds beyond what is required.

During the time that I have known her, Sarah has worked to greatly improve her own confidence in her abilities. This improvement is what made her get selected for an early promotion and her ability to grow as a more confident individual.

Due to her knowledge, desire to learn more and the many experiences that she had as a medical technician in the US Air Force, Sarah would be an excellent candidate for medical school. She will make a great student, and I have no doubts that her abilities and determination will continue to grow.