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Process Essay directions

3-5 pages, not including Title page or References page
DUE M 18 April by 11:59 pm
Description of essay: A Process Analysis is a form of argument that asserts a specific method of action is the most efficient or useful way to achieve a goal. This is not simply a list of instructions but explains the reasons for each step and addresses any potential problems that might arise. It will also address any arguments that may exist against taking this particular method. The essay must be clear, specific and designed for an audience that includes readers who are unfamiliar with the process.

ProTip: unfamiliar does not mean general or uneducated. You can write for nurses who are unfamiliar with a process even though they have nursing expertise.

To select a process about which informed people may disagree. (In other words, you need to find a process that can be done several ways, and experts disagree about which is the best way).
To compose a thesis that is a single sentence indicating the basics of the process. Use wording such as “should” or “may” to show that this is an opinion and not an irrefutable fact.
To identify the importance of the topic within the first paragraph, focusing on why the audience needs to understand this information.
To clarify each step in the process, explain and support the step and address any potential problems or arguments.
To analyze with logic and precision, the nature of this process.
To argue for this process in a manner that shows respect for the opposing viewpoint(S) and avoids emotional language or appeals.
To conclude the essay with a summary that reviews the main point and has an impact on the reader.
To follow APA format for the heading, spacing and pagination.
To follow the rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation.