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Question: List and explain in details 3 ways in which public libraries can help and/or play a significant role
in the lives of youths in their process of reintergrating back into the community after incarceration.

*Note: This is a very important assignment with a strict deadline. It must be written as a policy proposal.
Please follow the attached policy proposal template.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime. Thank you.NEW POLICY PROPOSAL

I.Background/Reason for Proposed Policy

[Explain any relevant background to and reasons for the proposed policy. Indicate whether the policy is a new policy or a revision to an existing policy. If relevant, discuss how the proposed policy relates to existing policies. Identify any legal or regulatory requirements that the proposed policy aims to address.]

II.Overview of Proposed Policy

[Summarize the principles of the proposed policy and briefly outline the procedures to be used to implement it.]