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For the past several weeks you have explored teacher ethics, 6 major philosophies of education, and various methods of instruction. For this assignment, I want you to combined what you learned in those weeks, and create your personal philosophy of education.

In a personal philosophy of education, you describe what does education look like to you. You answer questions like, why is it important? And, what is the purpose of education? You also address how you see yourself as a professional in this field and set goals to help you grow as a future educator. You will also describe your core beliefs about teaching and learning, and how these beliefs will be brought to life in your future classroom.

You will support your ideas with specific examples and connect them with specific philosophies, ethics, and methods of instruction. Remember to cite any sources in APA format that you used to help you develop your ideas or that inspired your teaching philosophy.

This paper should be 1-2 pages in length and follow general APA formatting, including:

Title page
Running head/header with page numbers
Times 12-point font or Arial 11-point font
1-inch margins
Reference Page with a maximum of 2 sources

Style Tips

Write in first person
Write in present tense
The introduction should state why you think education is important and what the goals of education are. Introduce your philosophy in a statement with a descriptor, scenario, quote, or metaphor that summarizes your overall philosophy.
The body should contain supporting examples by utilizing major philosophies, teacher ethics, and methods of instruction.
The conclusion should iterate your passion for education and share how you will continue to grow as an educator. Include any goals you have for yourself in this profession.